The Wasted Ammo Podcast is a co-hosted variety show that explores a variety of firearm and preparedness related topics that can range from guns, gear, training, personal defense, and improving skill-sets. We sit down in front of the mic every week, grab a few beers, and hit the record button. So join us every Monday and Friday for a fun conversation about a hobby that we love.

  • Great talking points, interesting topics, and helpful CCW tips. These guys have only gotten better with each podcast and keep the conversation light and friendly. Keep it up!

    rollwidaAK iTunes - ★★★★★
  • Steven and Eric will keep you entertained from start to finish. The episodes flow incredibly smoothly and their podcasting styles compliment each other very well. Keep it up guys, you rock!

    Dr45ACP iTunes - ★★★★★
  • One of the best podcasts! I listen to this podcast at work all the time. Very funny, knowledgeable, and all around informative! This is my favorite gun podcast! Keep it up guys!

    S&WNolan iTunes - ★★★★★
  • I know you guys are fairly new to the podcast scene but I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work. I know both of you have families, one of which has a baby factory going. You know who, “the AK guy” haha. I like the fact you guys are teaching each other the way of the gun and not spouting off a bunch of BS on your podcasts. These guys are honest about where they come from and their proficiency levels. I listen to you guys every week when the new episode drops. Definitely a must have in your playlist!!!!! Two thumbs up from a LEO in NC.

    Kwas81 iTunes - ★★★★★
  • Off to a good start…good discussions. One not parroting the other. I like to hear discussions when there is a difference in opinion. Appreciate both Steven and Eric’s personal history related to their early experiences with firearms and their journey to present. Enjoyed hearing Mr. Pixel’s LEO opinion as well. Keep up the good work, guys!

    FlGolfer386 iTunes - ★★★★★


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